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Corn Light

The area light is mostly used for industrial and commercial applications such as road and area lighting, parking decks, auto dealerships, high masts, housing complexes, shopping malls, sporting complexes and fields, parks and recreational areas and municipal lots.
Product Model # Equivalency Watts Lumens CCT CRI Voltage
LOD-MCL-54W50KHL250W HID54W6,570LM5,000K81.9AC120-277V
LOD-MCL-45W50KHL175W HID45W5,333.2LM5,000K82.1AC120-277V
LOD-MCL-36W50KHL150W HID36W4,262.6LM5,000K82.2AC120-277V
LOD-MCL-27W50KHL100W HID27W3,460.1LM5,000K81.9AC120-277V

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